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Good Afternoon….

This past Sunday was a blessing.  Pastor Boots message was very practical and helpful.  I really appreciated his emphasis on desire.  The only person that can stand in the way of us having a better relationship with the Lord is….us!

It was also a blessing to have the Woon family, missionaries to Nepal, with us.   I have been very encouraged lately at the number of requests I am receiving for missionaries to come and present their work to the church.  Presently, we are booked for the rest of 2012, but, it is still exciting to see many people answer God’s call to the mission field.

This weekend we will be having George and Barbara Rundle with us.  The Rundles are missionaries with Baptist Mission to Forgotten Peoples.  On Saturday from 9-11 am there will be a Ladies Fellowship.  Barbara will be speaking on the subject, “Helping the Hurting”.  She has a powerful testimony of God’s help in her life.  Her speaking will definitely not be appropriate for children.  As far as teens, you can use your discretion with your teens.  FYI in our case Crystal will not be going.  George will be sharing about their ministry in Sunday School and preaching in the Evening Service.  We will receive a special offering for the Rundles on Sunday night.  Of course, Sunday is Father’s Day.  I will be speaking on Job.

There  is a lot of preparation going on regarding Vacation Bible School even though you can’t see it.  However, you will be seeing more and more shortly.   We still have some important staff needs.  The most important needs are…one puppeteer….one registrar…and…two games helpers.  We need the puppeteer as soon as possible.  Our further preparations are dependent upon having all the puppeteers lined up.   We are not professionals…and….most of the puppeteers are not needed until the closing assembly around 8 pm each night.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Pastor Luppino