Posted by Pastor Chris

The weeks seem to fly right by.   Nancy and I are glad to be “all better”.     It was tough being “out of commission” last weekend.  We thank God for His help and our church family for their prayers.

Last night was the first Best Years Club of the season.  We had a good group.   We began with a covered dish supper which included many delicious choices.   Dinner was followed by a fun grocery game.   We closed the evening with a devotional on the subject of “Stress”.   We often speak of stress in terms of how we feel.  In many cases our actual “stress” is related to how we are thinking which manifests itself in how we feel.   When we or those we care about are “down” and don’t “feel good” we should ask, “What have you been thinking about?”.    We need to determine if we are thinking proper thoughts about God and our relationship to Him.    Sometimes we “feel” bad because we are focused on someone or something besides God.

Tonight is the Teen Party Explosion.  This is an outreach event for those in grades 7-12.  It will go from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

Tomorrow at 11:00 am is Outreach.  This is a time of visitation in local neighborhoods meeting people and distributing information about the church.

Tomorrow at 2:30 pm I will be speaking at the Tampa Friends of Israel Fellowship.  This is an outreach to the Jewish community in the Tampa area.

We are looking forward to Sunday.  I will continue my Prospective Members Class in Sunday School.  Pastor Boots will be preaching in the Morning Service.  I will be preaching in the Evening Service.  My sermon will be on “The Christian’s Example in Suffering”.

The Lord is at work in many lives and we are glad to be part of what He is doing!