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Pastor Chris
November 13, 2014

India 2014 – Part 4

The leadership conference for pastors, church planters, and church leaders ended last night. It was a blessing to speak to them on the subject of leadership. A Heartbreaking Story During one of the breaks, a pastor came to speak to me.  He wanted to share with me some of the challenges he is facing.  He […]

November 12, 2014

India 2014 – Part 3

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend some more time with Bimal, the pastor who has planted a church for the deaf.  Watching that service was such a blessing that I wanted to learn more about it. False Hope But, before I continue I want to share something that I learned on this trip.  Over the […]

November 10, 2014

India 2014 – Part 2

Well it has been a good morning for me. It is 11:15 am on Monday here in Siliguri, India. Soul Hunter The various things I have been doing on this trip, and the ministries I have been part of, have been pre-arranged by a man named Athem.  Athem is the Asia Director of Vision 2020 […]

November 7, 2014

India 2014 – Part 1

It is a blessing that we as a church are able to reach out into the world through my mission travel.  Our missionary partners, and those I minister to while traveling, appreciate our willingness to be used of God in this way. The Travel I arrived in India around 1:30 am.  I passed through Immigration […]

October 5, 2012

End of the Week Update

The weeks seem to fly right by.   Nancy and I are glad to be “all better”.     It was tough being “out of commission” last weekend.  We thank God for His help and our church family for their prayers. Last night was the first Best Years Club of the season.  We had a […]

April 13, 2012

Exciting Day Ahead

I appreciate your prayer and encouragement as I continue to “catch up” and “rest up”.   I am making great progress at both. We are looking forward to a great day this Sunday.  In Sunday School and the Morning Service we will be having Missionary Sam Bunnell.  Sam will be teaching a combined Teen and […]

March 25, 2012

India Update #4

Dear Friends, Thank you for your interest and prayer.  Today has been a particularly challenging day.  However, God blessed the preaching of His Word.  He always does. I did not sleep very well last night.    It has been very hot, I have not adjusted to the time change (it is 10 1/2 hours ahead of […]

March 24, 2012

India Update # 3 And the Answer is…

I received a couple of responses regarding how much of the chicken I ate.   One said that they thought I had eaten it all.   Another said that I had probably divided it evenly so that I could get four meals out of it.   The answer is, I ate a comfortable amount and there was plenty […]

March 24, 2012

India Update # 2

Dear Friends, Greetings from Mangalore, India! I my plane took off from Orlando at 2:30 pm Wednesday.  My fourth plane…Air India…landed in Mangalore around 3 am est.   The best report I can give on the journey is that it was uneventful.   In these updates I give some specific prayer requests.   However, I never know what […]

March 21, 2012

Up, Up, and Away

Once again it is time for me to head off to the mission field.  I fly out of Orlando today at 2:30 pm headed for Mangalore, India.  The trip will take me to Atlanta, Amsterdam, and Mumbai, India.   That will take approximately 24 hours.   I will be overnight and then fly one hour to Mangalore […]

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