November 2014

India 2014 – Part 4


The leadership conference for pastors, church planters, and church leaders ended last night. It was a blessing to speak to them on the subject of leadership. A Heartbreaking Story During one of the breaks, a pastor came to speak to me.  He wanted to share with me some of the challenges he is facing.  He [...]

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India 2014 – Part 3


Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend some more time with Bimal, the pastor who has planted a church for the deaf.  Watching that service was such a blessing that I wanted to learn more about it. False Hope But, before I continue I want to share something that I learned on this trip.  Over the [...]

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India 2014 – Part 2


Well it has been a good morning for me. It is 11:15 am on Monday here in Siliguri, India. Soul Hunter The various things I have been doing on this trip, and the ministries I have been part of, have been pre-arranged by a man named Athem.  Athem is the Asia Director of Vision 2020 [...]

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India 2014 – Part 1


It is a blessing that we as a church are able to reach out into the world through my mission travel.  Our missionary partners, and those I minister to while traveling, appreciate our willingness to be used of God in this way. The Travel I arrived in India around 1:30 am.  I passed through Immigration [...]

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