Pastor’s Wives

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Nancy Luppino
I was raised in a Christian home in the small town of Bowdoin, Maine.  At the age of six I trusted Christ as my Savior.  While attending high school at the Glen Cove Christian Academy, I met my future husband, Chris.  We married after graduation and went on to the New Brunswick Bible Institute.  While there, the things I had learned as a child about God and His Word became real to me as I saw these truths in the Bible for myself.
Chris has now been a pastor for thirty years.  I have been blessed with the privilege of being a stay-at-home mother to our five children.  In each of the three churches Chris has pastored, I have enjoyed teaching Sunday School, working in the nursery, and ministering to both young and old in various settings.
At Chapel Baptist Church, I have enjoyed increased opportunities to minister alongside my husband as our children have gotten older.  Chris and I have always shared a heart for missions and missionaries; and, in October 2011, I was privileged to go to India on my first missions trip.  Chris has been teaching national pastors there for many years, and I was excited to finally see first-hand what I had heard so much about.
I have been greatly blessed by ministering here with my husband at Chapel Baptist, and I look forward to what the future holds for us.

Laura BootsLaura Boots.
I was born and raised in North Central Iowa and am the fifth of six children.  I was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ as my Savior at the age of six.  I grew in my walk with the Lord throughout my high school years, and, after taking several missions trips in the U.S., I felt the Lord calling me to be a missionary pilot.
Starting in 2004 I attended Pensacola Christian College and graduated in 2009 with a degree in Missions.  I met my husband, Joe, while in college and we were married on May 30th, 2009.  We knew the Lord had called us into the ministry and we waited to see how He would use us for His work.  I completed my master’s degree in Educational Administration in 2011.
My husband and I were called to our first ministry, Chapel Baptist Church, in September 2011.  We have been so blessed by the people here; and, we are excited to see what great things the Lord will do in this ministry.
We have three sons- Judah (4), Timotheus (2), and Ezekiel (4 months).
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