India's Doctor Apointment in Gainesville

India's Doctor Apointment in Gainesville

Hello. And Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday we took India back to Gainesville for a follow-up apt with her primary caregiver@Shands. Dr. Glover was very pleased with India’s condition. Her blood levels are very good; she does have a slight fever though and slightly increased white blood-cell count, which are clear sign of some infection. This is not uncommon, but can be serious because her immune system remains at a weakened state.
India is up and moving now every day in a limited way, but she was given the “go-ahead” to get on the treadmill to begin increasing strength and stamina. Being outdoors is good too! Sunlight is good for all of us!
We will update less often now but leave you with some specific concerns:

  • That she can avoid blood transfusions
  • That she can get off her medicines, despite doctor’s beliefs that she will likely have to be on them forever. These are extremely toxic medicines and on another lower level of importance, the cost for her medicines is astronomical. Not a doubt, though, LORD will provide – there are just better ways to use the resources He provides!
  • For her to stay healthy so she can continue with the life LORD has for her – marriage to Zachary, being his helpmeet, finishing her college degree, and going to the mission field!
  • Doctor approved a weekend trip for her. She and Lois have an opportunity to minister in the Florida Keys this weekend. Since she will be with her sister and her husband, we are good with that. I know Lois will take care of her, but we hope she will have opportunity and stamina to minister at the church they are going to.

Again, we cannot say it often enough and we never tire of saying it  – thankyouthankyou!
In love and gratitude,