How shall we pray- part 5

How shall we pray- part 5

Discipleship Lesson #15

How shall we pray- part 4

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

Throughout these lessons pertaining to the subject of prayer, anyone can see that prayer is all about your relationship with God. The first lesson was about us glorifying and worshiping the Lord for Who He is and what He has done. The second lesson was about us asking for those things that we need every day to come to us physically, and then the next lesson we talked about spiritual needs, but especially emphasizing forgiveness. The last lesson was concerning us asking God to help us not to get into temptation as well as how to deal with temptation when we are in it so that we can grow closer to God. This is the last lesson on the subject of how shall we pray. Christ gives us three ideas to remember in ending our prayers.

The first idea is found in for thine is the kingdom. The concept concerning the kingdom shows itself throughout most of the Bible. The idea for us to keep in mind when we end our prayers is that God has all authority to establish His desire for the future. The kingdom is not a kingdom that no one will see or is just metaphysical, but it involves a literal kingdom that God Himself will establish on the earth in the future. This kingdom is referred to as the Millennial Kingdom or even better the Messianic Kingdom. This kingdom is going to be established by Jesus Christ when He returns to the earth after a time when the earth will be filled with the judgment of God. This time period of trouble on the earth is called the Tribulation. The church of God (or all the truly born-again individuals) will be gone before this event and will come back with Christ after it is over. But the kingdom that will be set up is set up for Christ to rule and reign on the earth literally and physically. When Christ comes back He will destroy all those that have not believed on Him because of their own attacks against the nation of Israel. He will remake the earth like the garden of Eden. It will be wonderful. This idea is good to remember while we talk to God because no matter how bad it is we can say that He has it all under control. So God has full authority to do according to His plan for the future.

The second idea in the passage is the realization that God is all powerful. This is key because we are praying that God will answer our prayers; in order for this to be a reality to us, we need to know that God is able to do what we ask Him to do. Think about the creation of the universe. It took absolute power to create everything that was made. Look out at the stars and know how vast our universe is. God is a powerful God! Think about the different miracles in the Bible that cannot be explained according to the laws of nature, because He is above nature, or we can call Him supernatural. If God has done all these things by His power, than He can answer my prayers, and He can answer yours too!

The third idea to keep in mind when we pray is that with the answer to our prayers, we should give all the glory to Him for doing it. If what we ask for does not give Him the glory, then we should not ask for it. What is glory? Glory is the worship and praise that we give something or someone. Usually, we like all the glory for what we do, but it should really be God that gets the glory. When your prayer gets answered, do you praise God to other people saying, “This is what God has done!” Or is it rather, “Look what I have done.” God deserves all honor and praise and worship, and in fact He demands it. The Bible says that He is a jealous God. Jealousy is not always bad. For instance, my wife enjoys couponing.  If she becomes obsessed with couponing to the point that it becomes a barrier in my relationship with her, then I have the right to be jealous for my wife in her love and affection. In the same way, when we exalt something that is less than worthy compared to Him (and all things are below Him) then He gets jealous for our worship and adoration of Him. So we need to glorify Him, especially when He answers our prayers.

After these ideas, the prayer ends with an amen. The word amen shows with it a sense of agreement with what was just said. Like if I said something that you really think is good, you would say Amen. If I tell you, “Let’s get some ice cream” then (if you liked ice cream) you would say Amen! All of these lessons given boil down to this final word. You should be in agreement over what the Bible says about God and reinforce those things in prayer to God. But then the last thing to say is Amen, or I agree to what was said about God and what He is able to do for us. Amen!

With these lessons, I hope they have encouraged you to pray more. I hope that they encourage you to read your Bible more. I hope that they would show you God’s glory through your prayers being answered. It is good to keep all of these lessons in mind when you pray. If you do keep them in mind, your prayer life will become rich and very satisfying.